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        About Group


               With its center located in Hangzhou, West-lake Electronics Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1973, and is one of government’s operation-authorized state-owned enterprises in local city.
        After more than 40 years’ hard work and development, the group always insists on technology innovation and management innovation, explore a proper industrial road adapted to its own development. Now, based on the main business of new energy vehicle, it has formed a comprehensive industry which includes intelligent transportation, intelligent community, communication electronics, exquisite chemicals, new material, software park, real-estate and so on.
               The group owns more than 20 wholly-owned or share-hold entities, they are: SOYEA Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou West-lake New-energy Technology Co., Ltd., SOYEA Mobile Tele-communication Equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou West-lake SOYEA Software Park, West-lake Group(HongKong) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Eastern Software Park, Hangzhou Huashu Industrial Co., Ltd. and so on. Among which, SOYEA Technology was listed in Shenzhen Stock market in 1999, and Eastern Software Park was also listed in the New Third Board ( an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises) in 2015.
              The group keeps on regarding the technology innovation as its development motive, and pay great attention to self-innovation, meanwhile it owns a group of national and provincial science and research platforms. There are 4 national high-tech enterprises, national entrepreneur technology center, national post-doctorial working station, key-enterprise’s research institute for new energy automotive electronics, information technology and new energy science and research institute, provincial AV technology research center and so on. It has accumulated a large quantity of research achievements and core technology in the fields of new-energy changing and charging equipment, application of IoT, network integration, multimedia and digital TV aspects. It has established stable basement for group’s technology advancement and development.
              In recent years, the company has been making good use of its advantage, adjusting and integrating social resources, reforming the traditional system and business scope, exploring the new economics and new business, transforming and upgrading the industry rapidly, it has made good breakthrough in the emerging industrial fields, such as new energy vehicle, intelligent transportation, intelligent community, intelligent software park and so on. Its transformation and upgrading has strengthened the enterprise’s development continuously. Now and then the enterprise has researched and developed a large group of high-tech and new type of products, they include: new energy vehicle intelligent running management system, new energy vehicle and charging equipment’s data collection and application platform, new energy vehicle’s battery charging and changing equipment, vehicle-mounted intelligent console, intelligent community different grades security management platform and so on.
              In the future, West-lake electronics group will follow the national, provincial and city government’s policy actively and grasp the development opportunity at the right time, insists on the “five developments” idea solidly, regard the high quality and effectiveness as the development core, aim the multiple ownership types, flexible market system and intelligent industry as its target, promote the reformation, innovation and transformation considerably, and make our best to develop our company as a modern, high competitive enterprise.

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